5 Great IGTV Video Ideas To Promote Your Brand

IGTV is one of the best Instagram features that helps in increasing user engagement. Many brands still don’t know to use IGTV for their business. If you are one among them, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share an idea of how to use and upload IGTV videos and how to create great content for your following IGTV videos. Sharing compelling content helps you to get quality likes and views for your videos.

How To Use IGTV

Instagram TV is a video-sharing app. It can be accessed in an Instagram app or standalone. A regular user can upload 10 minutes of videos, and if you have a verified account, you can upload one-hour-long videos. To build a successful Instagram marketing, check out this guide to learn video content ideas. 

How To Upload IGTV Videos

You can upload IGTV videos in two different ways to upload your videos using mobile or desktop. Use these below tips to upload videos using mobile phones.

Step1: Go to the Instagram TV app

Step2: Sign up using your Instagram account.

Step3: Tap a setting button and create a channel

Step4: After setting up your channel, you can upload videos

Video Content Idea For Your IGTV

Video content is essential in digital marketing. The more attractive your content, the more people like to watch your videos. When many people watch your videos, it will increase your IGTV video views. Increasing IGTV views organically will take more time to happen. For that, you can buy Instagram TV views to boost your video views and make your video go viral on the platform.

Are you wondering what kind of content will work on IGTV to get more likes and views? Here are five video content ideas to succeed on IGTV.

1. Create Vlog

One of the cheapest and most effective video content ideas is a vlog. You can create a vlog by using your mobile phones with some small editings. Vlog makes people easily communicate with your brand. Unlike advertising, a vlog helps your brand to reach more audiences. 

2. User Generated content 

It is content in the form of videos, images, and audios created by the users or your followers. Sharing user-generated content helps you to get more engagement and increase your IGTV views and likes. You can upload user-generated content to your IGTV channel to raise your brand awareness. UGC is content made by your audience about your brand. Also, you can collage all UGC content about your brand in a single long video and upload it to your channel to increase your channel visibility.

3. Tutorial Videos

Creating videos is not enough to attract an audience to your channel. Make videos that help your audience to achieve something. Tutorial videos are one of the most effective ways to reach more audiences to your profile. Create videos with some tips and tricks that help your user to learn or do something new. Make a step-by-step video to teach your audience about your brand and business. Create videos based on your business to increase your brand personality and increase your business sales. 

4. Behind The Scenes

Sharing behind the scene videos helps you to build an emotional connection with your followers and customers. Also, it is the best way to promote your brand among the audience. Even in advertising, they show how their products are made to increase their brand popularity and generate more sales. You can also share behind the scene videos to create excitement with your audience. Regularly sharing scenes behind the screen helps your audience connect with your brand. Use these above video ideas to promote your videos on IGTV in 2021.

5. Use Reels Content

Creating short content which helps to connect your target audience. And it’s the best way to promote your business via videos. Your Instagram reels videos may not get sufficient reach after publishing, you will buy Instagram reels views for your videos. Once you gain views, your videos will reach more engagement. 

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